I have sold millions of dollars of branding and consulting.  I have helped hundreds of businesses improve their performance and messaging with a few simple frameworks. Some are my own, some I have hacked together from other clever peoples' thinking, and some are so good, they seem like obvious business 101 stuff, but are often overlooked.

I am primarily a strategist, my brain is analytical and looks for patterns. I know that all the years of me needing to control everything meant I developed very quick ways to find improvements. After all, if you knew me a few years ago, the only way I would allow myself to feel validated was to help people with complex problems. (LOL it sounds ridiculous now) This thinking, although exhausting and calculating, is an asset, when it is switched on for the sole purpose of helping people improve their businesses and their relationships, and then quickly switched off.

You will find my favorites here, and my ways of using them alongside critical thinking to find gaps, and opportunities.  The world changes when we change our perspective. These frameworks, help us change our perspective about our businesses and create the space for easy insights to become easy improvements.