Clarity and Alignment sessions

Work with me one on one to help find the place of alignment and clarity. I work with you to remove the confusion and scarcity thinking programmed into your operating system. Being in business can be exciting, but we can also create traps for ourselves subconsciously that we see as huge hurdles, 'must-do's and 'should-do's. We build out beautiful visions of our futures with these massive goals that become the path to freedom and autonomy. Unfortunately, they become so big, essential and overwhelming because our futures depend on conditions you have no control over. This makes you feel like you need more control, more planning, more must-do's to prevent failure of this plan that gives you a perfect life in the future. 


I say fuck that. It's a trap. You have chosen to be in business to get off the hamster wheel of employment, but put yourself on a more rigid wheel, where you don't even have the guaranteed income, all in pursuit of a perfect future, but out on possibilities, you can see clear pathways for. Let's work to ground you in the emotions that already guide you. Let's give you permission to relax, knowing you will get there, but you can enjoy the experience by making small, daily choices that keep you in a vibration of enthusiasm and excitement. Let's remove the stress of conditional outcomes and get you back into a place of knowing. Knowing you have got this. 




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