Hey, allow me to introduce myself. 

Wow, first of all, I find this really hard, as do most people. We are conditioned to reduce our impact to fit in, not to stand in our power and tell the world who we are.

For years I have been living in the shadows. Mostly hiding behind my own shadow, but more consciously behind the people I have served. My MO was seeking validation through my intellect and problem-solving skills. This was by no means because of an underperforming ego. Mine was inflamed and controlling. I was told I could have it all. My subconscious patterning  kept me in my own personal jail of self limiting self sabotage, trapping me in my own comfort zone, yet ironically encouraging me to push so hard that I was living in stress and suffering. I was entitled, and I mistakenly  thought if I worked hard enough, if I martyred myself enough, if I solved enough problems and helped people fulfil their dreams mine would come true. My life was good. Really good. If anyone looked at me, I would look like a successful person. Great business, an amazing husband, cool kids. I had it all (I still do) but if you don’t have joy, what really matters? 

Mid way through 2019, I broke. All the pushing and calculating and strategizing wore me down. To the point where my deteriorating health, incredibly rigid thinking and quite frankly lack of permission to find joy was unbearable. Nothing was working, everything was hard.

I won’t go into great detail and I don’t want to paint too dark of a picture about me, I as still delightful, justnow I am WAY MORE ME. We all know ‘About pages” are supposed to be these concisely written “get to know the “star-of-the-show well enough to hang around long enough to sell you something page”, and definitely not a confession of past failings. If you want to understand my story, please get to know me, and maybe even walk with into the future with me. Together we will see the compilation of all the lessons and insights I learned to break free from my personal shackles. 

Now I am on a mission to live in a 5D life, where feeling good, love and intuition are my guiding principles.

It's going to be a glorious journey (oh you know I will fuck it up on occassion, but hey we aren’t here to be perfect, we are here to play and experience, I no longer will allow the fear of failure prevent me from finding peace and happiness).

Initially, I struggled to find a new way, a way to let go of the 3D world and step into the 5D. Breaking the ingrained habits to find joy and ease is a daily practice. But the thing is, I know what it's like to live out of alignment, and I know what a relief it is to surrender to the universal laws and live a prosperous life with ease. I am on a continuing mission to help business owners, but I will no longer be in the shadows, I will lead from the light.

Here I am, learning to be myself, connecting with all of my parts. I am here to share with you all the amazing branding and business knowledge I have accumulated during the past 15 years. I will share with you easy ways to improve your business while maintaining an authentic voice. The world is changing and we do not need any more 3D business practices predicated on fear, greed and manipulation. The world is changing, we need more. We need a real connection with businesses who care beyond what they think will make them money.

I am extremely excited to share with you some of the tools that I have used to find flow, tap into source energy and just make me happy.

The theme of this website is stepping into the 5D framework.

It's a concept that has been kicking around for a while.  I accidentally discovered it, when I accidentally stepped into a life changing spiritual awakening.

Here goes, my toes are curled:

Here is the gist:

5D (5th Density) is: Living with unconditional love no matter what, and letting synchronicity guide your life in this restricted world. It takes guts, courage, conscious work, enquiry and understanding of how the spiritual and material world interact, wisdom and divine inspiration to commit to 5D consciousness. It means stepping into a new reality.

I started to look around and realised that my most successful clients were operating from this state. Most not intentionally, most just courageous enough to follow their hearts, and relentlessly stay true to themselves.

I also realised that my most tortured clients, were so out of alignment, so disconnected from love, that everything we did together was a struggle. Of course for the most part their intentions were well meaning (if nothing more for their own egoic purposes). Rha Goddess puts it best “No strategy can be successfully built on self-loathing”. These clients had spent years being headstrong, compromising their spirits and doing what they ‘thought’ they should do instead of doing what made them feel good.

I looked around and realised there are not enough conversations in business about love. 

Self-love, unconditional love, love for clients, love for people who don't buy from you. I thought maybe I could help remind people that work is holy to oneself. That doing what you love is an ‘actual thing’, and that when you release resistance, tune into alignment, follow the threads, opportunities become like clues to follow and when you do, you will soar to success.

The hard part:

If you were my client, I would be saying “tell people about what you have done. People love credibility indicators. People love people who are like them, but they also love people who can eloquently name drop and prove that they have the clout to help them out”. Gah, and now I have to tell that to myself, I have always had a brand to hide behind. I have stalled on this for the past month, forever getting bumped on my to-do list, finding “more important'' things to do.

  • I have worked with around 1000 businesses.
  • I was asked by the Australian Government to mentor in digital marketing, during that period I got to know all sorts of people and their motivations, over 400 businesses.
  • Over the past few years, I have made nearly 5 million dollars in branding and strategy - yep. I know how to sell, and people love dropping 5 -50K for the services I offer through my businesses. I am, however, not going to sign you up for a lead funnel or online course, because I have only ever sold through personal relationships and referrals. 
  • I have some really famous clients, some huge publicly listed companies on my books, I also have a heap of start-up and small to mid size businesses. I don’t work with people unless I like them and believe in them. My joy doesn’t come from working on established brands, my joy comes from working to help refine and grow emerging brands.
  • My strategies have made 15 million dollars of extra income for one client, millions for others. There have also been some that have fizzled and missed, but not often, and I now know what to look out for, so that alignment is maintained. 

I could go on and create a really big list, cause when I dig deep, I am quite accomplished. What I know about myself that you may find interesting is, I am really good at making money for others and myself. I have an IQ that is in the top 2% of people, and with that comes a particular skill set of being able to see patterns, understand ideas and translate them into usable information for people. It doesn’t mean I am infallible, or beyond making mistakes, infact, it probably means I am more prone to it. It just means my brain is hard wired in a particular way.

My heart loves branding and symbolism. I believe that we have lost our ability to communicate on a frequency level, a quantum level. But there is a little hack;  icons carry the power to translate messages that our subconscious can understand better than our conscious. I think we can use iconography to our advantage to transmit feelings and vibes. Your brand is an extension of our auric field or at the very least an extension of our vitality.

I am excited to tell you that I believe in magic, something that would have never crossed my mind a year ago. That unhooking ourselves from our perception of who we are is the most powerful act of love one can do. And that doing this will open up the world and deliver magical experiences that will set your soul on fire. All those memes on instagram about creating our realities, and being the best you can be, and it's only 1 choice away from a different life, are actually legit.

I am fascinated by delivering experiences and outcomes for my clients that unlock their personal power/ magic/ alignment - whatever they want to call it.  I know business can be beautiful.

I am not here to convert anyone, I have no fixed ideology. I am just on a quest for adventure, and to live the best possible human experience I can, from a place of love. I invite you to join me.