I am a brand alchemist who loves to help people grow profitable businesses!

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Hello, I’m Jax!

I help you distill essence and co-create a message that is a magic spell for your audience. I’m here to help be brave enough to show yourself. None of this fake it til you make it Bullshit. If you can fake it, you are it. Step into your sovereignty and create a business the world loves.  If you have a message that the worlds needs, and you aren’t sure how to monetise it.  Love & Business for the new world.

It’s about alignment, self love, courage, and  curiosity.  I am a know it all brain-box, who just loves helping people shine and making them profitable. Brand alchemy = transforming your energy and intention and projecting it out for the world to see.  Creating win/win solutions using the laws of the universe and ancient technologies, with modern best business practices.

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Love & Business

We know that business is not usually the place where people talk about love. It’s strange, though isn’t it? The time we often spend most of our focus, and all the business gurus and experts barely mention love, let alone self-love? No wonder it can feel isolated or even brutal out there. The emotion that makes us feel the best is absent from the conversations.

Are you being transparent about your intentions and looking for honest, fair transactions that raise-up everyone involved? Business, like nature should function in equilibrium, with an awareness of where you are in the transaction, and how you can benefit and help others in a natural way.

Let me step you through the basics, digging deeper to ensure you call in opportunities with ease and grace. It’s about flow and organic easy relationships.

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Welcome to the 5D FRAMEWORK

Imagine a spectrum of emotions. On one end is heavy negative emotions and on the other end, there are light positive emotions. These emotions correlate to your human experience.

The goal is to meet you on the 5D plains of reality, where grace and ease, help deliver exceptional results. That means we work with you to get into a place where you can communicate your higher emotions.

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Self-service, fear-based, conditional love, lack of compassion, judgement, competition, self-righteous, scarcity, not trusting, flight or flights, materialistic, controlling, emotionally charged by the past, reactive. Effort, struggle.


Transitioning from ego fear-based reality to love:
Consciousness expansion removing negative emotions, revaluation belief systems, empathy, compassion, problem solving.


Service to self and others, love-based actions, gratitude, self-realised, fearless, no limits, unity mindedness, collaborative, Ease, Grace, Happy, Joy, effortless.

To thine ownself be true!
Using 5D consciousness to align, amplify and grow a brand people adore.

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Here are a few ways we can work together. I am not fixed to any one way of working, so if you have an idea that doesn’t fit the box, still hit me up.