Brand Alchemy

In a time of mass-produced identity and synthetic authenticity. A time where brands are manufactured like the products they sell. What does it take to generate a brand that retains broad appeal, yet still retains the sovereignty and love of its founders?

I take a holistic approach. Distil your essence and co-create a personal message that is a magic spell for your audience. Show yourself. None of this fake it til you make it BS. If you can fake it, you are it. So through my process, I will help you step into your power/ your sovereignty – if you need the support.

Branding is my jam, I fucking love it. I can nerd out on it all day everyday. It is a beautiful mix or science, art and personification.

Alchemy is the seemingly magical art of transformation or creation. Branding at its core is symbolism. Symbolism is the use of images and indirect suggestion to express ideas, emotions, and change states of mind.

These articles will discuss all things magic and branding.