Conscious Business

“To thine own self be true”.  Did you know this Shakespeare quote is about, needing to take care of yourself financially so you do not have to compromise your values? Many of us have chosen to be in business, so we can live a noble life and stay true to ourselves.

The thing about business is we often operate in a guarded place. We get used to presenting a present stripped down avatars of ourselves. The 3D scripted, intelligently curated, egocentric protective version.  Ina 3D business environment it works well.  But if you authentic relationships, you need to give more of yourself, to receive more from others

My primary mission is to help people fall in love with themselves, so they can fall in love with their business and operation from a place of love and compassion….oh and have a shit load of fun along the way.  It’s all about stepping into a life of grace and ease. Removing the programming that told us we had to struggle and everything is a challenge, surrender and swim downstream.

These articles will discuss business optimization, both focusing external and internal forces.