Fun In The 4D

Ok so let's take a look at these states.
3D the egocentric, 4D a place of transition, and 5D egoless.

For most who are on the path of awakening, they naturally are leaving the 3D state and can feel that they are heading to 5D. 4D is the journey between the two places. This journey is lumpy and bumpy and quite honestly at times a real mindfuck. When I started to leave the 3D world, I felt like I was throwing out my old operating system and I didn’t have a new one yet. It was confusing. I didn’t know where to step.

I realised 4D was like planning a trip to an exciting destination:  

  • Yes, I can think about what it's like to be there.  
  • I am going to decide what I am going to take and what I choose to leave behind. I can imagine what it's going to like, but I don’t know exactly for sure. 
  • And while I am on the journey, my flight might be delayed, 
  • I may have unexpected detours
  • I can expect some turbulence, maybe a bit of lost luggage.
  • I will meet people along the way, some will give me directions, some I will make friends with, and some will remind me to be compassionate.

My point is, once I realised this was a trip I was choosing to go on, I let go of the unknown and the fear; I remembered how much I loved adventure. How totally rad it is to travel and how new experiences made my heart sing.

So I am here to remind you that we can choose to step into a journey with fear and only see the negatives, or you can step into a journey with an open heart looking for all of the wonder and magic.

Look for the magic, trust you are ready for the trip….and to remember to have fun

Practice makes imperfect perfection

4D is about practising, using the lighter emotions, and getting so comfortable with using them, that they become your mindset and you have raised your vibration. If 3D is one language, your native language and 5D is another language you desire to learn. 4D is the continual practice of the new language so you can eventually think every thought, dream every dream in that new language. Of course, when you are learning a new language, you won't instantly have the recall or the vocabulary to explain yourself and it will at times be frustrating and you revert to your native language. I know for myself, I struggled with judgement and not-trusting (both myself and others). I found it difficult to look at business issues from a place of 5D when I had spent so long looking at these issues from a 3D place. Things like expecting the same outcomes and forcing timelines to fit with my complex plans that were conditional of a million things falling into place.

In a 5D world, your future experiences are not conditional on your past experiences. Just because one client was behaving like another one, didn’t mean they were going to cause me the same grief. ( Also, you know that was me attracting my own vibration). Also in a 5D world, things will happen as I want or even better, some forcing timelines for my convoluted plans, aren’t going to fall into place, if it isn’t for my higher good. Now I let things unfold naturally, without fear, lack of pressure. Of course, all those plans of mine were being created from a place of lack, and scarcity, so they were fragile and doomed for failure from the outset. As I have learned from studying the 5D consciousness, fear is like mould, it spreads, and you lose the integrity of that idea or that spark of inspiration. Love is the fertilizer that helps these ideas grow and bloom.

Way to have fun

Don’t take yourself too seriously

You are human, not perfect and even though your ego, probably is trying to keep you in line by trying to trick you into thinking you should be perfect, you are human, so imperfection is where it's at. FUck up, make mistakes, find yourself and play with who you are and your perceived self.  

Mix it up, do things that you don’t usually do.

Do at least 1 thing a week that gets you out of your old routine. As DrJoe Dispenza says, the same thoughts, create the same actions, that create the same outcomes. I just had to look at my Spotify playlist, and I had been listening to the same 6 albums for the past 5 years. That is some pretty good mind control I was using on myself. I was reliving shitty experiences and being reminded of my perceived failings as I listened to Broken Bells for the millionth time.  

I joined meet-up and every 2nd week I did something I had never done before - wow how great was that. I now have hobbies, discovered entire worlds of great things to do, met so many delicious people, had my beliefs challenged.  

Laugh, Laugh and then laugh some more. Ok so raising your vibration, is a habit. The Quickest way to get out of a funk is to laugh, and or dance.   

Write down what you are grateful for. 

Keneth Soares says if you can’t power yourself up and raise your vibration. If you can’t do that, simply focus on the things you are grateful for. It's at the very least shifts your focus from funk to freedom. 

Get in touch with your inner child

This was huge for me. I had no idea that I needed to play, that my inner child had been dying to come out, but my ego was protecting it from getting hurt, so it was locked inside, lonely and sad. Wow, the freedom and lightness that I experience when I reconnected with my inner child. How nice it was to know her, and find out how sweet she was. In my 4D state, I fell in love with my inner child. Allowing her to play, and delight in the world, was sooooo fucking rad. 

4D is a playground full of experiments and adventures. When you are on the journey to 5D don’t try and bypass 4D, to avoid the pain and the mistakes, because you will miss out of all the wonder and adventures. YOu will miss out on the beautiful chaos of being human.


Dr. Joe Dispenza Becoming Supernatural

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Final thought: