Swimming Downstream

To Swim Down stream, is to live with ease.

One of my favourite business mantras/life mantras/guiding phrases, is SWIM DOWNSTREAM.

I suspect we have been sold a lie that life has to be hard, that we need to struggle, that to be worthy we need to strive, force ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our limits. I think this mindset is a result of the industrialisation and the fact we needed to comply with unnatural states to be part of an unnatural system. This myth has continued over the past 20 years, while I have been in business.

There has been an industry created by coaches and experts that sell struggle and pain as the way to scale, get fit, get rich, get, get, get. Now, I know for a lot of people this mindset works. It gives structure and meaning. For me, it gave my power-hungry brain a purpose and I felt like I had some level of control over my destiny. This mindset, kind of worked for me, until suddenly, it no longer worked. I was exhausted, broken, frazzel, filled with anxiety and nothing was in my control, not even my own emotions.

Hey I was the lady that shared the quote, “Only dead fish swim downstream”

To swim downstream is understanding that everything in nature flourishes when in equilibrium. It only doesn’t thrive when the environment is wrong. It’s the understanding that it is our natural right to flourish is our natural state and abundance and ease is our choice if we break the narrative that we must struggle to survive or be worthy. That we are part of a system that works for us, if we give ourselves permission to trust in the natural laws of the universe.

In branding, we are all about conveying the essence of a business/person in the most natural way the audience will receive the information. It’s actually all about swimming downstream, making the message as easy as possible for your audience to understand. You don’t find harder ways to do it. You don’t swim upstream. This idea doesn’t apply to just branding, once you realise it applies to all aspects of your, you soon see the path light up.

So many people are shouting from the rooftops; push through, hustle hard, do whatever it takes. The idea of struggle is perpetuated and traded upon as something you should conquer in business. But, in essence, all great businesses are swimming downstream and making calls that put them into the flow.

If you focus on the activities that put you into a state of ease and grace and understand that this energy, feeling or vibration, will help attract the people who you can best help and can best help you on your highest journey you will make your job/ you live a lot easier. You will love it and that will perpetuate and create momentum that will carry you on your journey with ease - like you are swimming downstream.


  • What can you do to help you get comfortable with swimming downstream?
  • What beliefs are you holding on to that priorities struggle over ease?
  • What did struggle work out for you?
  • How did you feel?
  • What is sustainable?
  • When did ease work out for you?
  • How did you feel?
  • Was it sustainable?


  • Write down 5 things you can do to help communicate your brand in a more accessible, lighter way? What do you need to do, to remove resistance and help swim downstream?
  • What are 3 jobs, you could remove from your daily life that make you feel like you struggle?
  • What are 3 activities that you could do that make you feel light and excited?
  • What is the feeling you want to feel when things are going your way?
  • Spen 5 minutes imagining what your business would be like if your life was easier and your clients understand what you do with ease?