Love In Business

Love in the business environment.

We know that business is not usually the place where people talk about love. It's strange, though isn't it? The time we often spend most of our focus, and all the business gurus and experts barely mention love, let alone self-love? No wonder it can feel isolated or even brutal out there. The emotion that makes us feel the best is absent from the conversations. 

The 5D framework, it’s not just about feeling good, it goes deeper than that. It’s about self-love, and that means self-care. Looking at how to protect your energy/ your mindset is important, and that means looking at your daily work life with fresh eyes. It’s about getting into the flow.

Be an ambassador of LOVE. To be an ambassador of love, you have to look after you; you are the most important person in the world. When you feel in flow, the people around you, staff, clients, suppliers, collaborators, will feel great being around you, making the relationships easier to navigate. You will see great results.

What does self-love look like in today's business world?

  • Setting clear boundaries (what you do and don’t do in your service offering)
  • Setting expectations (clear lines of communication)
  • Saying no to people who aren’t going to be good for you. (yes we know you have bills to pay, but we all know how much energy the wrong people can use, they can throw you off course)
  • Saying no to marketing activities that aren't in alignment with you. Don't follow what everyone else is doing if it feels wrong. 
  • Saying no to pushing your way forward, swim downstream to get results.
  • Radical candour, speak from the heart, speak your truth. Don’t be afraid to speak up when something is not aligned
  • Lean into your intuitions. Yes, your brain is cool, but it’s not your only tool. 
  • Being ok with who you are and working with what you have got, knowing it’s enough. 
  • Finding the right people to collaborate with, so you don’t force yourself to do things you hate.
  • No more listening to people who use 3D sales tactics to undermine your personal sovereignty. Fear is a trap. 
  • Be curious and look for solutions that make you feel excited, instead of solutions that don't feel right. You are on an adventure, not a treadmill.

We could tell you my values and my why, and do all the marketing speak. But it’s simpler to tell you that I do business within the 5D framework. If you ask me, it's a good place to operate from, all the ethical values and emotions come from this place. It is multifaceted and dynamic. It's about us having a full human experience. It's about stepping out of your own way and allowing love to guide your way. For it to be optimised you have fun and you have to be 100% in the moment, the here and now.  

This way of thinking helps us be better people. To communicate in a way where we look for win/wins. Speak from the heart, and operate from a place removed from ego (well most of the time). Technology is the skills, methods, and processes used to achieve goals, the 5D framework is a technology. I see this ancient aspiration to ascend, as having a very valid, very powerful place in today's world.