5D Framework

Welcome to the 5D FRAMEWORK

Seeds become trees by reaching for the light.

Ascension. The ultimate goal in spirituality, world-myths, and historical texts, it is a concept that's been around for thousands of years. An Accent Technology. The idea that people can ascend to different plains of reality. We like this concept as a framework for business.

*Disclaimer, I am not going to try and convert you, this isn't a new way of recruiting for a cult. I love to play with metaphors - that's all.  Think of this as an ideal, a concept, a way of operating, that is gentler, kinder and closer to our humanity.  I  believe it’s a nice way to behave in business.

Ok let me explain, there is a new paradigm of business happening, and we can see the businesses/ creators/ people who have operated like this have seen success and ease in their life. I have adapted this millennia-old framework of ascension to help my clients ascend in their business. If this sounds a little too woo-woo for you, close your browser now. Shit is going to get weird with me.  Not so weird you are rocking in a corner, but more like an exhilarating empowering weird.

Take a look at some handy frameworks

Here we go:

Imagine a spectrum of emotions. On one end is heavy negative emotions and on the other end, there are light positive emotions. These emotions correlate to your human experience. You know that weighted feeling when you are worried things are not going to work out, versus that light feeling, when you have just done something exceptional.

The lower end of these emotions are known as 3D and as you feel lighter, you can head all the way up to 9D. Now we are still of this world, so we aren't aiming for 9D, but we are wanting to operate in those 4D and 5D vibes, because we know people who operate from these levels, fly through life with smiles on their faces and money in their pockets (also, we’re not ready to transmute into light beings just yet. lol). The people who have been brought up to do business in the old-school 3D framework, derive little pleasure in life, and force their way for results. There is very little joy. They often are defensive and combative or do not have the belief they are good enough. You can feel their stress when they walk into a room.



Self-service, fear-based, conditional love, lack of compassion, judgement, competition, self-righteous, scarcity, not trusting, flight or flights, materialistic, controlling, emotionally charged by the past, reactive. Effort, struggle.


Transitioning from ego fear-based reality to love:

Consciousness expansion removing negative emotions, revaluation belief systems, empathy, compassion, problem solving.



Service to self and others, love-based actions, gratitude, self-realised, fearless, no limits, unity mindedness, collaborative, Ease, Grace, Happy, Joy, effortless.

At Silverlane, my branding agency, our job is to help you on your path, make your goals a reality, create the most beautiful/powerful version of your story to help you win new clients and fruitful relationships.

The goal is to meet you on the 5D plains of reality, where grace and ease, help deliver exceptional results. That means, we work with you to get into a place where you can communicate your higher emotions. We understand your goals of heading towards a life that sustains you and makes you feel happinesses ( more income, great clients, collaborations, travel, time off, creative pursuits, security). Once we know the areas of joy, we help craft your messages to attract the people who will help you on that journey.  And we will be high vibe together, whilst creating this.