Brand Equity

Consider brand equity as the entire world of your brand. If ‘brand’ is in the eye of the beholder (or in our nerdy speak, consumer), then brand equity offers insight into the elements that contribute to a consumer’s perception of your brand.


We strategically design brand equity to install the fundamental truths of your brand, find and keep your ideal consumers and talk to them in a way they understand. Let us map the clear pathway to success, remove the overwhelm and take out the guesswork. It’s ok to ask for directions.

Brand Loyalty

Loyal customers are truly engaged with a brand because it speaks directly to them. When the communication between a brand and a customer is clear, concise, true to the brand voice and articulating the desires of the customer, then you’re primed for a long lasting relationship with loyal customers.

Brand Associations

Brands build associations to inspire action within their target market. Who you partner with, matters. We show you how to build relationships with brands that can help leverage you in your ideal target audience. Being deliberate and strategic with brand associations will get your brand top of mind for your target market.

Brand Awareness

How recognisable are you to your target market? Brand awareness is the level at which customers (and the general public) are familiar with your logo, your messaging, and everything that surrounds your brand.

Other Proprietary
Brand Assets

‘Brand Assets’ includes everything that plays a role in the creation of your brand. Every piece of marketing communications, stakeholders, partnerships and proprietary rights accumulated; they all come together and are considered by your customers when they evaluate your brand.

Perceived Quality

The quality of your product/service, customer satisfaction and business profitability are intimately linked. We often see in the news horror stories for brands that take a critical hit in the hearts and minds of customers. The goal is always to elevate the status of the brand and find ways to boost public perception through strategy.