Ancient Technologies

Ok, so this is going to sound a little strange, or at least unfamiliar. But I love to use ancient technology to help me maintain alignment and feel like the best possible version of myself. We always hear about technology and we automatically think about laptops and phones. We have been conditioned to believe that technology only machines. But the simplest meaning of technology is the skills, methods, and processes used to achieve goals. Now I am no anthropologist, and I love my modern technology. I am enchanted with the idea that people thousands of years ago spent their lives refining and improving techniques to help wellness and their mental states. To maximise the performance of the most complex machine, the human on all levels.

I truly believe that wellness is everyone's birthright, and should be their highest priority. I spent 20 years with health issues. I can tell you it is so fucking exciting and liberating to feel vital, inspired and free.

To run a 5d business, and to operate from a holistic integrated place of love, and to help others, you have to love yourself. You need to be your highest priority. Operating from a place of ease. 

These technologies have helped me learn about myself, connect into the divine matrix ( universal oneness), get answers when my mind was blocked, see the future, trip out on third eye fractals, feel pure energy, ecstatic love and womb-like safety that I could have only ever imagined when I was battling myself and my health issues.