Conscious Business

Conscious Business

People think the conscious business model is new, it’s not.
It is about living in alignment within your community.

Being transparent about your intentions and looking for honesty, fair transactions that raise everyone involved. Like in nature where everything is in equilibrium, conscious business is having an awareness of where you are in the transaction, and how you can benefit and help others in a natural way.

Let me step you through the basics, then dig deeper on how to ensure you do not lose opportunities by becoming too rigid in your consciousness agenda – as, with all things in nature, it’s about flow and organic easy relationships.

Conscious Business

What is 5D Consciousness?

Conscious business or Conscious capitalism at its heart is the understanding that everything you do, is an expression of oneself. That if your life is your art, that your business is part of that expression.  That if you are to live a life of alignment, joy and prosperity that your business, and the way you do business is an act of love, towards your true self and the others that you interact with.


In the Piecaian. 3D world commerce has primarily been a by-product of forced industrialisation, fear, greed and with absolute disregard of any spirit, soul or love.  The arrogance of man that he can use brute force and struggle to push through to an individualistic idea of success. It’s brute force has been perpetuated as teaching os struggle, productivity = worthiness, and if anything comes easy, to have a huge mistrust of it, because ‘ if its too good to be true’ it is. I am not sure if this perpetuation of lack and fear has been a systemic control mechanism to allow a few to prosper while the rest of us are their cattle to be traded in time and pennies, with the exception that this is what is to be expected, because things don't work out, even if you are a good person.  But I do know, that what we believe and how we feel, dictates what we attract in our lives, and the constant reinforcing language of fear and lack, creates patterned thinking, that in-turns keep our collective vibrations low, in turn keeping us in a prison of attracting experiences that keep us in a place of struggle.


It’s only when we break this patterning and consciously create thoughts that raise our vibrations that we start to attract experiences of ease and abundance.


I know it can sound like a bunch of idealistic BS. Something that the naive or optimistic would think. That the thoughts like “The world is hard and unfair, and the quicker you accept it, the less likely you will be hurt by it.  You will see it coming”, come into your mind. But what if your thoughts help co-create your reality with the collective, and by accepting it, and seeing it coming you are manifesting that experience? What if those warnings about a harsh reality, have been passed on like grandma’s recipe, and your ego, happily accepted it, because your ego’s job is to protect you? What if your ego didn't know any better, because the education system was built to provide workers for an industrialist period, and in fact did very little to encourage flow or conscious creating? Why does almost every animal live with ease and grace, except humans and the ones they have declared dominion over? If the natural balance of this world is ease, why are we so removed from it? 


If you are not consciously creating you are still creating, but it is unconscious creating based on whatever your thought patterning is. Whatever your frequency is will be what you attract more of.  This isn’t new news. I’m sure you are all aware of the ‘law of attraction. And such sayings as  The Rich get richer, the poor get poorer. If you aren’t working on your dreams, you are working on someone else’s, to thine ownself be true, Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find.  People throughout time have tried to pass on this knowledge. Most of us just haven't been listening, or ready for it. 


Intentions are the seeds to success.


To understand how Conscious business works, you are going to have to put aside a few “business truths”. 


Truths like:

  • Hustle
  • Fake it to you make it
  • Follow your business plan
  • Make a marketing plan
  • Create a lead funnel
  • I’m well educated, this should work
  • I want lots of money so being in ‘this’ business will make me lots of cash
  • XXX person did this, all I have to do is follow her system.


This may have worked in the old 3D paradigm, but now we have 5th density vibrations in this world, nothing new that is sowed with 3D seeds will flourish.  

I’m not saying these ideas never worked, and for a few they are in alignment and they work for them. But for most people these tools take them further away from their alignment, and do not work, create stress and often waste a lot of cash.  These failed tools often push people so far out of alignment that it seeps into all areas of their life, causing systemic stress, blame and guilt. Like mould it can spread fast.