Chaos & Wonder

As an adult I forgot how to play. I didn’t realise how important it was for the soul and let it go. As parenting and responsibilities took over my life, I forgot about the things that fascinated me as a child,  teen and especially as a wildly curious young adult. I  would drop everything at the hint of an adventure, was courageous and loved experience new things – I dare say we are all like that. Play kind of crept away from me, without me noticing.  Over the past few years, I started to play with play.  Ideas, concepts, knowledge, activities that I had previously deemed to be immature, not scientifically proven, or silly, were now back on the table to add colour to my life. Oh how my heart delighted in such revelry and mystical delights. 

This space is to discuss all things playful, curious or out of bounds.  Ideas that stir up the unbridled emotions of chaos and wonder.  The shit that pleases the inner child, deepens our human experience and allows our souls to shine. 

The articles are the wacky shit that brings wonder and joy to my life. And on occasion triggers me into a spiral of confusion and fear.   We will talk, memes, aliens, dance, tantra, alternative timelines, Gobekli Tepe, Crop circles. 

This is where I will also share my journey about writing my first novel – Titled Chaos and Wonder.  Which is my playground, using creation energy, to thrill, challenge and amaze myself, as I make sense of my own life. To be honest the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted.


…… Let’s see what happens.