Face the Future

Face the future challenge

Face the future challenge

We miss seeing your face. We want to tell you that you are important, that you are loved.

We invite you to join us in a simple challenge. It’s very simple, while people are locked in their houses, wearing masks and social distancing, it is easy to forget you count. It's easy to forget that the future will be bright. That we have the power to co-create a wonderful world together.

Face the future challenge is about you.

Isolation is killing people. Depression and suicide are on the rise. Fear and isolation are our humanity is powered on a connection. We need to be seen and to see others. This challenge is simple.
Share your smile, tell us what world you want to live in. Send love back to those who share.

We know the power of visualisation works, we know it is how sporting people win championships. In a time where the media is injecting fear, social media algorithms are designed to divide, in a time where we can hug our friends, its time to spread joy, to mindfully connect and to spread love across the internet. Regardless of nationality, politics, wealth, age and all the other things that have been weaponised against us. Its time to find common ground. To be seen, to know you count, and to witness the humanity and love in others.

Unity consciousness starts with you.

Face the Future Challenge

✨1 x daily photos of you smiling  use the hashtag #facethefuture #wethefreed
✨1 x daily wishes on how you want to feel or want in the future.
✨10 x daily minutes of sharing love, virtual hugs, to people who are also doing the challenge. Comments count.  hashtag #iseeyou #iamlove

Invite your friends, let them know you miss and love their faces. You want to hear their dreams of the future.

Send love with your smile

Its time for us to share our faces and our voices to beam positivity and love into this world. To reconnect with each other, to see strangers as people that all want the same things in life.

Say no to the separation that the media is using to keep up in fear and separated. Let’s send out love to each other, and let people know they are loved. This world heals when we start to smile at each other.

The world needs you

Let's be honest, things have gotten weird. Everything feels crazy, 2020, has thrown all of our lives upside down. We look around the internet and we don't see enough happy faces, we don't see enough hearts. So we ask you to let go of your fears; don't be afraid to think you are indulgent, or shouldn't share positive messages, while so many people are experiencing pain. Pain and Fear to not fix things, love and compassion are the languages of the universe.

We also want to add, if you feel compelled to do this and don't' want to share your face, maybe share something that makes your heart sing. Maybe a photo of your favorite tree you can't visit, or a snap of your friends you love, something that makes you feel peace, joy or love.

We want to let people know they aren't alone.

We want to let people know they aren’t alone.

The key goal here is to allow people to be visible. We want people to get in the habit of sharing love in the comments section. We want people who feel alone, to know that the world needs them and they count. So even if you do not want to share images we encourage you to spend 5 to 10 minutes a day on the hashtag #facethefuture sending love to people.