Turning Triggers into Triumphs: The 5D Approach to Conscious Business Success

Today, we’re diving deep into the power of turning triggers into triumphs and how to use them to your advantage.

We all face triggers in our personal and professional lives, but what if I told you these triggers are hidden blessings, ready to propel you towards success?  ( for a real-time run through of one of mine)

Those annoying emotions that fuck your day up, twist your head into knots, the rush or cortisol released when something doesn’t go as you expect, or someone says something counter to what you think they should say. They are actually invitations for self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Because they are a reminder you are trying to control or predict outcomes. As much as inspired inspiration can guide you towards the path of success, triggers are also guiding lights, illuminating the way towards the areas where we need to do the work. 

Triggers can serve as mirrors, reflecting behaviours we want to improve, revealing the traits we secretly desire to embody or contrast where we get a firm NO from the people we interact with. 

These agitation points highlight where we can improve our way of being to help master our relationships and business, embrace boundaries and, most importantly, practice self-love.

I’m about helping you navigate the business world with love, transparency, and win-win solutions. We achieve this by tapping into the power of alignment, courage, and curiosity and blending ancient wisdom with modern business practices. So, let’s dive into how you can turn your triggers into triumphs and create a thriving, soul-aligned business. Because really, how much better is your day when you aren’t distracted by triggers or can be calm when someone is being a dick?

It can be tough to lean into triggers when our brains and bodies are yelling inside of us to run the fuck away (or addicted to stress hormones)

Leaning into triggers can also be confusing if you subscribe to the Law of Attraction, favouring the thoughts that most please us. It can feel contradictory. 

When I started seeing triggers as opportunities for growth instead of the world and people as annoying, it was hard to stay in the space of looking deeper than the first story I told myself. I really wanted to believe the immediate story that popped into my head. However, it all changed when I asked myself what I gained from believing this story? More often than not, I gained the safety of staying where I was in my place in the universe. The triggers were being used as a tool to keep my identity fixed, where I could tell myself easy-to-believe stories that reaffirmed my reality.  

Triggers were my jail. My ego got to tell me what was happening in an ever-reaffirming way. It was so hard to look beyond the tasty story that was easy to digest and made me the hero or the victim, whichever was required to keep me in my place…and, at its core, the person the people who loved me knew. ( dare I risk being a person people may not love?)

The list was long and varied. But the trigger always came down to how I felt about myself. I used triggers to keep the vibration of a story that fixed my identity.

Here are a couple of goodies:

  • Staff not doing exactly what I wanted them to do = “do I have to do everything around here?” 🙁
  • Clients not paying on time = ” Wah! People don’t value me.” 🙁

Side Note: Of course, there are always many factors in a co-created experience. But this is about you and what you have control over. In my case, I could have done better at telling people my needs clearly instead of assuming they were mind readers. I had adapted to “mind read” the people around me to keep them stable and me safe when I was young. It took me a long time to realise that not everyone is constantly trying to understand others’ needs to keep from them ‘blowing up’ if their needs are unmet. Anyway…..

So here are some ways to reframe a trigger from being a way of reaffirming your identity and keeping you in a fixed state emotionally. Instead, use triggers to allow you to grow. At the very least, it gives you the tools to let it go and move on to the next step in your day, and at best, it helps you uncover and piece of you that really wanted to be found and integrated back into your wholeness, adding more depth and understanding to who you are. Liberating you and opening you up to a new set of experiences.

Embrace your triggers with curiosity and courage.

The first step to transforming triggers into triumphs is to approach them with curiosity and courage. Then, instead of reacting to them, take a moment to pause and ask yourself, “What is this trigger revealing about my unconscious?” Then, explore the underlying beliefs or fears and embrace the opportunity for growth. If you find it really hard to tune into this as an honest, transparent conversation with yourself, use a guided meditation to help get into a theta wave state and be able to use that brain state to maneuver through your subconscious to get new answers. 

Align with your higher self and 5D principles.

The 5D framework is about living from a place of love, unity, and empowerment. When you align with your higher self and these principles, you can better understand your triggers and make conscious choices that serve your highest good. I recommend using the emotional guidance scale to help move into a higher vibration. For example, if your trigger leads you into the emotion of anger, start at the anger point, and move your way up to joy and love. This is such a quick tool, and it also is entirely reasonable to not want to delve into your own shadows – because some days, we just don’t have the capacity emotionally or time-wise to do a deep dive into what fucked you up along the way.

Practice self-love and self-compassion

Remember, you’re a beautiful, powerful being on a journey of self-discovery and growth. So treat yourself with love and compassion as you navigate your triggers. Remember, stumbling is okay as long as you’re learning and growing. It’s also handy to understand that the stories we created result from keeping us safe somewhere along the way. For example, my story of “having to do everything myself’ probably came from a place of being let down a few times, and I was trying to avoid the pain of being let down. I developed a story that worked for me then, but I do not need to keep holding onto stories that no longer serve a purpose. 

Seek guidance from ancient wisdom and modern practices.

There’s so much wisdom to be gained from ancient teachings and modern business practices. Combining these tools creates a unique and powerful blend to help you navigate your triggers gracefully and wisely. So all I can say is Ego Erraticator. As I mentioned, triggers reveal that you are EXPECTING something to happen based on how you predict the future. So if it’s a business deal turning sour, or a person saying something that you don’t like, regardless of the outcome, the reality is, your ego is flaring up because you aren’t getting what you want at this moment. We want our reality stable to feel safe, but life isn’t that dull. So training your ego to be ‘cool’ with the unexpected and trusting you can navigate any situation towards a positive outcome releases you from the need to expect things to go ‘Your way”. You can do lots of work around this, but the 3-minute breathwork exercise ego eradicator is a humbling place to start.

Embody win-win solutions in your business.

When you face triggers in your business, seek win-win solutions that honour all parties involved. This fosters a sense of trust and transparency, creating a foundation for lasting success. But, of course, there is nothing wrong with using a trigger to look for a better solution. The unexpected outcome creating a trigger can be used to ask, “Is there a better solution to be had?” Use it to look through the lens of collaboration and higher collective goals. Often a situation isn’t working because you need to look at it from a high enough perspective. You may want a win now instead of seeing where the journey will take you, so if it feels like an adventure you want to go on, and you aren’t sure where it will lead, often, it’s okay. 

Cut your losses.

Sometimes you are triggered because the situation is just not right for you. If it’s a clear no, even if you want it to be a yes. Cut your losses. When you get good at calling yourself out on your own BS, you also trust yourself when your higher self protects you. If there is clarity around the NO, and you aren’t creating a story, use this information to move on. Remember, some people are the lessons in our story, and sometimes the lesson is respecting your story enough to say NO, or walk away.

In conclusion, my friends, remember that triggers are blessings in disguise, waiting to reveal your unconscious and help you grow. So embrace them with love, courage, and curiosity, and use them to your advantage as you build a soul-aligned, profitable business.

Keep shining your light, beautiful souls! This is Jax, your 5D-conscious business guide, signing off until next time. Remember, you’ve got this! 🌟💖

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