Internal Risks vs External risks. What part of yourself are you willing to give up?

If you’re hesitant to take risks in your business, you’re not alone. Sometimes it is fucking scary to know what to do. And if you are like me; and have made plenty of mistakes, your ego might not be up for another 'fuck-up". Sometimes doing nothing is a lot easier to stomach than another 'Ah-ha' moment or the butterflies of self-doubt.  

The reality is you need to take risks to minimise risks. Everything has risks. To do nothing is a risk. Often in business, we worry about the external risks, the ego-driven actions, but forget the risk that is far more important - the internal risk. The actions that dim our light, that suck our energy and that take us further away from our true selves.


Examples of External Risks

  • Looking dumb in front of your friends
  • Losing existing customers because you drop F-bombs, and they didn't know you could swear like a pirate.
  • Not scoring those big clients.
  • Taking out a loan to help grow your business.
  • Looking different from your competitors.

Examples of Internal Risks

  • Feeling like you aren't yourself.
  • Feeling compromised.
  • Feeling like you are losing your way.
  • Feeling sad, low energy or a sell-out.
  • Working too hard and sacrificing your health
  • Loosing personal relationships due to stress

Stand in Your Truth

There is a balance. Taking steps to stand out because you stand in your truth will make you sexy AF, charismatic and magnetic. Taking steps to stand out, because you think it is what you are supposed to do will make you feel uncomfortable. And you have to check yourself sometimes because there is a difference between:

  • uncomfortable because it's not in alignment with who you really are, and; 
  • uncomfortable because it will stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone. 

(I know it gets a bit confusing) 

Many people are told that to build and scale a brand people love you have to jump into ‘disruption’ mode, shake up the industry, be all over the internet. I am not a fan of pushing or struggling, and I am definitely not a fan of people selling prescriptive solutions without taking into account the people and the personalities of the people you are helping. It's archaic and it's not really helping anyone. 


You Can't Manufacture Authenticity

After many years of people coming to me to manufacture success or authenticity, I really don't think you can’t fake it. You can’t follow other people's shitty eBook to success, or put on webinars, or start Facebook groups, or pour money into lead funnels and expect them to work if they are not aligned with your values. You can’t do anything that doesn’t align with who you are and expect it to be a success. If it isn’t a ‘Hell Yes, it is a no”. If you are desperate for it to work to help save your business, or really need a break, or you are hoping it will work even though it isn’t a Hell Yes, it REALLY isn’t going to work. If you feel resistance to an idea or action, you are not going to get results. You cannot force things to work if they don't feel right. 

Things will happen; The situation will drain your energy and feelings of doubt and discomfort will grow…... once you have those feelings or you force yourself to do it, you will give up the activity or get really average results. Those feelings of giving up or disappointing results will then will start to erode your confidence and you will start making excuses to place blame for the lack of success, either on yourself  "What was I thinking no one really wanted to hear from little old me”, or you will blame people who tried to help you “Oh man, I downloaded Mr X's eBook, paid him 5k and followed every step and only got 100 views, what a crook” The blame game just lowers your vibe, and slows you down. At best you might learn some expensive lessons. 

Ok, so how do you find the balance? Use your internal alignment navigation system of course!!


Daydream and ask your higher self.

Take a moment to centre yourself, a few big deep breaths. Clear your mind and ask your higher-self what would light you up right now?

  • What direction do you need to take to get excited?
  • What takes you out of your comfort zone?
  • What feels like it would be fun?

You might not get anything straight away. You might just need to use that time to day-dream. Let thoughts bubble away, and come up to the surface. Don't pinch it off, don't let your ego protect you with negative self-talk, or what if's. Allow yourself to have this time as a safe space where anything goes.

Use this time as a luxurious mental bath, where you can lower yourself in, and let go. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and being held. Giving yourself this time to enjoy daydreaming and allowing your higher-self to let uncensored ideas bloom, will energise you at the very least, and at the most, you will be given a clue or an idea of how you can use your authentic-self to stop playing it safe and stand-out.

What you do with those ideas and clues is up to you. You might be super clear and know what to do, or you may have to find people to help you. But you lead the way, you hold onto the excitement, and you allow yourself space and time to step into it. Don't lose your power by looking to others for direction.


People are looking for a connection. People are wanting a feeling, business is energy, money is energy, emotions are energy. If you are creating your message out of fear, that you don't want to 'fuck it up' or have people judge you. People are going to feel that energy. A lot of people I have worked with want to fit in with their industry standards. They fit themselves into the status quo and pinch off themselves and their joy. They lose themselves because it is exhausting to be someone that is not in alignment. Once they give themselves permission to allow their personalities to be part of their messaging, they start to light up. They feel free and they get excited.  

Don't be afraid of being left of centre, or right of centre, or too funny or too risky. Be afraid of attracting people who you don't enjoy spending time with, be afraid of dimming your light. You were brave enough to follow your path, start your own thing, don't get to the fun part, the marketing stuff, and then start getting afraid. Breath in deep, let the sparks of imagination get you excited and follow the energy. 

 In a sea of ‘middle of the road’, boring, safe, sameness, there is risk is being lost in a sea of mediocre, safe messaging or messaging that you ‘think’ you should say... Say what you want to say, say it with a big old smile on your face, or a do it with a dorky dance. Whatever the perceived external risk of judgement is, the far larger, more damaging risk is losing a little bit of yourself by not being in alignment.

If you are thinking about how to minimise the risk in your business, be bold, say something that has meaning, step away from the crowd.

Because as they say, the magic happens on the edge of chaos.


Not sure how to tap into your higher-self or feel alignment?

Here are some resources I have found handy. Stevel Noble is one of my favorite guides for meditation.  He has some great higher self meditations. I am a huge fan of Abraham Hicks, here is a cute video about alignment.

Want to hear me deep dive into this topic a little more?

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